airbus-a350Airbus A350

From 2010 - 2011 Oliver Schmidt worked as Head of Engineering A350 Section 13/14, Senior Manager at Premium Aerotec GmbH in Augsburg. His responsibilities included:

Management of the development division for the front fuselage section with subordinate organisational units, with the aim of ensuring the success of the planned contribution made by the A350XWB development to the overall targets of the business unit.

Coordination of the development of the approx. 13 m long A350XWB fuselage section made of CFK between the wing and the cockpit, consisting of fuselage shells, stringers, frame, cargo and pax door surroundings of CFK/Al/hybrid structure, with interfaces to the connecting fuselage sections and systems.

Responsibility for a lead department with a staff of approx. 190, seven of them reporting directly (75 internal and external service providers, 115 subcontractors on a work package basis).

airbusPrincipal task areas:

  • Implementation of R&D operations within the scope of the commissioned development services in terms of the agreed quality, scheduling and cost criteria, and taking account contractual agreements and specifications.
  • Administration and supervision of the individual stages of development.
  • Business development support and drafting of quotations.
  • Product planning together with the individual sections of the programme and other specialist sections within the business unit. Analysing and evaluating development orders from the "make-or-buy" point of view in terms of cost effectiveness, quality and scheduling.
  • Participation in checks on supplier capabilities.
  • Drawing up technology and sales strategies for a product group or specialist area on behalf of the relevant business units in consultation with the line manager and individual programme sections, and taking priorities and marketing opportunities into account.
  • Leading and motivating staff while ensuring their ongoing individual development. Taking decisions on personnel matters in cooperation with the line manager and relevant HR section. Ensuring the implementation of qualitative personnel planning for the specific area of responsibility.


airbus-flughafenFrom 2007 - 2010 Oliver Schmidt worked as Senior Manager Projects & Engineering at RUAG Aerospace in Emmen (Switzerland) where he successfully worked on Airbus A 350. His responsibilities included:

  • Establishment and overall responsibility for a cross-departmental management organisation project on the implementation of development projects for major structural aircraft component modules (winglets, control surfaces, fuselage components etc.) as a risk sharing partner for aircraft OEMs or suppliers to OEM partners.
  • Coordination of project teams in Emmen/Switzerland and Oberpfaffenhofen/Germany.
  • Instruction and coaching of project leaders.
  • Reporting to the head of the Engineering & Technology business unit (executive vice president and member of the management board).


  • Airbus A350XWB winglet with the teams responsible for analysis (statics and fatigue), design, testing and production, from the drawing up of quotations via the plateau phase in Filton/UK to the conclusion of contract stage. Conception and detailed preliminary development of separable composite winglets with a span of approx. 6 m.
  • EU research programme FP7 – Clean Sky – Eco Design. Establishment and leadership of the Swiss cluster consisting of 10 mid-sized European companies and universities. Management and organisation of the manufacturing work package within the Eco Design ITD. Representing RUAG as an associate and of the cluster as a whole on the Eco Design steering committee.
  • Development of a 450 US gallon drop tank demonstrator for the multi-purpose SAAB JAS 39 Gripen New Generation military jet for test flights and demonstrations.
  • Drawing up quotations for the development of structural assembly groups such as winglets, fuselage frames, pax and cargo floor structure and door frames, pylon fairings, ailerons, spoilers, landing flaps, fixed leading edges for different customers and manufacturers of long-range, medium-range, regional and business-travel aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, Bombardier, Saab, Stork-Fokker.


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From 2002 - 2007 Oliver Schmidt worked as Engineering Program Manager High-Lift, Senior Manager at Airbus Deutschland GmbH Bremen (Germany). His responsibilities included:

  • Coordination of the development of the high-lift structural components for the long-range aircraft A350 Version A1 (droop nose, slats, CFRP flap tracks, inboard and outboard flap, installation of the wing systems) up to Milestone M5 and taking into consideration aerodynamics, test engineering, load assumptions, manufacturing, wing equipment and integration.
  • Management of high-lift devices engineering integration for the series programmes A318/A319/A320/A321 family, A300/A310 and A330/A340. Operational responsibility towards those in charge of the individual aircraft programmes with coordination of engineering resources.
  • Providing series construction support, implementation of modifications, repairs and further developments for the high-lift components (landing flaps, slats and system installations on the wings) of the series programmes with the focus on meeting technical target specifications, deadlines, costs and quality.
  • Coordination of specialist engineering departments (staff of approx. 50 in Bremen and Filton/UK) dealing with statics, design and subcontractors in relation to high-lift activities with the wing box, systems and customer support. 


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